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We carry about 10,000 karaoke tracks from the 50s to the chart's. We use SUNFLY, EK ,LEAGENS and a good amount of country. We will bring a good sound in to the venue with lights. The karaoke presenter will do the singing till we get someone up to sing. We will only play music if we don't get anyone up after 1hr. Disco and karaoke at a party we will split the night up with the karaoke and have the presenter do some singing as well. The karaoke will be put thour 1 or 2  15" tv so that you will not have your back to the rest of the party. Pub karaoke will have light and good sound with over 10,000 karaoke tracks that we will have on the night should keep them up singing. We can key change if you need it in the key that you can sing.